Our Place in History 

For a brief time, we have the power to create and take life.

To come up with new ideas and challenge old ones.

To study history and to shape it.

We marvel at our forefathers’ great accomplishments. Future generations will look to us for what we accomplish now.

We are the future’s past. We are their history.

What we choose today will echo through the ages. And we will be unable to correct our actions once we have passed from the earth.

It is our responsibility to use our powers wisely and to remember that we only hold these powers for so long.

Those before us found themselves equalized in death, unable to further influence the world.

Socrates was a great philosopher, yet at this very moment he is unable to come up with any new ideas.

Einstein was a great mathematician, but at this moment he is unable to learn anything new.

Only you, the living, can affect this world. Those not yet living and those who have passed are unable to create or destroy.

For those future lives, they will have their chance. For those who have passed on, they had their chance. Your chance is now. What will you do with it?

It is for a brief time that you can take action. Whatever it is that you wish to do, do so now, before the window of opportunity closes. For the reset of eternity you’ll be unable to take any new actions.

Knowing this, what will you do?

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