The Deal of the Century

Sometimes to get what we want we have to decide what to give up in order to get it. There are two major sides in American politics. Those who want to get rid of guns and those who want to end abortion.

How badly do we want to get rid of guns? Are we willing to forfeit abortion? How badly do they want to end abortion? Enough to give up their guns?

It is time to put up or shut up. It is time to decide how badly we want to achieve the political objectives of the last 20 years. What are we willing to trade? Do we really care that much?

Or is this what keeps elections going? They’re going to take away our guns! They’re going to ban abortion! Vote! Campaign funds raised by panicked voters, make a select few richer. Advertise for both sides and you’ll be a wealthy individual.

I propose that one side offers to sacrifice something dear to bargain for what is wanted the most. The woman’s right to choose for the man’s right to defend himself. No guns, no abortions, no death. Save the babies, save the children, save the world.

How long will we make demands without offering something in return? Isn’t our nation founded on compromise?

Abortion for guns? Guns for abortion? Deal?

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