Life Is a Test That Hasn’t Been Graded Yet

Remember what it was like taking an exam in school? Filling in bubbles, circling answers, and solving equations? Life is like that in a way.

Sometimes we think we know something, but in reality, we just think we do. The exam hasn’t been graded yet. We will not know until it has been marked true or false in the end. Whether that is the Christian’s Judgement Day or the result of an experiment.

The truth is independent of our knowledge or acceptance of it. Experience, prestige, nor age makes our answers right. The correct answer can come from an unexpected source. A five-year-old can best a math professor if that math professor makes a computational error that the five-year-old gets right.

the foolish things shame those who think they are wise

1+1 = 2

2 + 9 = 11

These facts are independent of who says them. Get them wrong and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve won an AcaDec.

Life is a little like that.

Our egos grow with our prestige and experience. But each question is a new opportunity to pass or fail. We are not the grader. We do not have the answer key. We can only guess what is right and wrong.

It is better to be a fool who knows he should ask questions than a wise man who can learn nothing new.

Once our glass is full, we can learn nothing new.

When we stop learning, we are old.


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