Guns Won’t Save You and People Won’t Give Them Up

It is becoming clear to me that there are people out there who will never give up their guns. Their arguments for keeping them, even buying more of them are so deeply rooted in their identity — the two are inseparable.

To think that pro-gun rights advocates will suddenly see the light after a terrible tragedy is wishful thinking. It is simply not going to happen.

Similarly, it’s wishful thinking that more guns will save the world. Watch any classic Western… even the hero is caught off guard at some point. But, unlike these fictional sagas the damage is permanent. Even well-armed and well trained heroes die.

I had hoped at one point that we would all lay down our arms in peace. That hope is fading. I nod to my pro-gun adversaries. We have both lost.

We just don’t recognize it yet.

Our logic is flawed. Both of ours. They both miss something. Our arguments are meaningless. We are merely engaged in a contest of pride. Trying to set the other side straight. The problem is we are both wrong to a point.

Perhaps the one thing we can agree on is that tragedies like the one in Florida are bad. That’s a start. At least we agree that there was a tragedy. How to prevent future tragedies is the topic we’d like to think we are debating.

The debate isn’t about preventing future tragedies. Not really. It’s two sides that rival each other like Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. The real reason for the feud is overshadowed by tradition.

In this paragraph, I will admit that I have gotten caught up in this politicking. My heart has changed. I hope everyone else’s will too.

The sooner we come together, the sooner we can solve the bigger than us problems we face. The first of these is coming together in the first place; listening and trying to understand the opposition’s concerns.

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