Bias Blinds

Political biases prevent two sides from working together to solve this bigger than us problem. If everyone would just entertain for a moment that they might be wrong about 90% of everything they believe, then maybe then we would have a shot at solving the challenges we face.

How many lives have to be lost before we recognize that we are not the enemy of each other — our pride is. Pride comes before a fall. The United States is filled with pride. An arrogance that believes all others are ignorant and inferior in their thinking. No matter which side we choose it’s our arrogance of thought that is our true common ground.

Neither side is eager to find fault in their own reasoning. Finding holes is the first step to making progress.

My heart has changed on matters of politics. I used to want to set the other side straight, now I just want to find the truth despite my own inabilities.

I see our minds as weak, corruptible by false assumptions… the world was flat, the ocean filled with sea monsters and Pluto was a planet. All evidence that even our best efforts are flawed and the sooner we come to terms with this, the sooner we can move past a flawed idea.

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