The Future is Brighter than the Past

Aaron Garcia

Those who have no vision look to the past. Those who look to the past have no future. — James Shupp

I am a student of history, but I love the future more. The future is unwritten. It is unbound by the walls that divide us presently.

Trying to predict the future is a discouraging and hazardous occupation. Because the prophet invarably falls between two stools.

If his predictions sound at all reasonable, you can be quite sure that in 20 or at most 50 years the progress of science and technology has made him seem ridiculously conservative.

On the other hand, if by some miracle a prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place — his predictions would sound so absurd, so far-fetched that everybody would laugh him to scorn.

This has proved to be true in the past and it will undoubtly be…

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