Canadians Worry About Trump the Most

How many times have you searched Donald Trump on Google? How about Barack Obama? Both the keywords searched and the number of searches on Google say a lot about a President’s popularity.

Aaron Garcia

That got your attention! It’s amazing what does.

While exploring Google Trends I discovered that Trump is queried more in Canada than in the United States. So this post isn’t trying to prove that Canadians are worried about Trump. But, they do search his name a lot for some reason.

Canada Searches for Trump More on Google Than the United States

I personally really liked Obama, but I didn’t search his name on Google more than a few times. Trump, on the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of, but I search his name all the time. I don’t believe I’m alone.

The blue line represents Obama. The red line represents Trump. I used party colors to make it easy to see.

Trump Searched for More in Google Than ObamaAs you can see from the graph, Trump is still searched more Obama.

Why? Let’s look at more data.

When people searched for Trump they searched for “Trump travel ban” and “Kathy Griffin.” Draw your own…

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