How Your Mind Has Been Exploited

Aaron Garcia

Sometimes the greatest threats come from a world we cannot see.

Viruses are silent killers. You cannot punch a virus. They get inside you and destroy you from within.

There are biological viruses, computer viruses, and psychological viruses.

The first two are easier to understand than the last one.

By now we understand that we can catch Influenza by touching a contaminated surface. We know that we can get a computer virus from a compromised website or a malicious app we installed. But, did you know your mind can be hijacked by what you read, watch, and listen to?

I know because I’ve discovered many in my own head. I see them in others. I observe how invisible they are. A person could have one or several and never know it. Even deny it after discovering it for themselves.

These psychological viruses are sticky. Just because you become aware of…

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