Too Much Political Correctness is Bad

Can say I wasn’t a big fan of Hillary? Sure, I voted for her, but I was Bernie all the way!

What? You say I’m a Bernie Bro? What happened to freedom? Why can’t I choose to support another candidate?

When I can’t have a conversation with members of my own political party without getting shot down over political correctness — I think we have a problem. I shouldn’t be afraid to have a different opinion. Neither should you.

Political correctness is cancer. I’m not saying I’m in favor of being offensive — that’s Donald Trump’s brand. I’m just saying we should respect everyone’s right to free thought. No one should be under a thought-dictatorship. We think differently.

Free thinking isn’t suppression. Racism is evil because it exercises the freedom to suppress others. I can say that. We have freedom but to a point. So long as it respects others.

This concept is often forgotten through the course of a political discussion. We speak of freedom, but only the freedom to express our own thoughts — sometimes we wish to restrict the opinions of others. That line is crossed easily and often.

I encourage you to listen to others. This advice applies to me too. I’ve been guilty of shutting people down before. After some reflection, I recognized I was wrong.

Without the freedom to think differently, we might as well hand over the keys to our brains to someone else. Two heads are better than one and multiple perspectives help us see a topic more clearly.

What are your thoughts on political correctness?

2 thoughts on “Too Much Political Correctness is Bad”

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    A friend and I started a co-authored blog called Always Deep. We share our thoughts on current events, politics, religion, and science. The objective of our co-authored blog is to stimulate conversation and profound thinking. Here’s one of the posts I shared recently.


  2. One of my favorite quotes is “in order to think, you have to risk being offensive.” I don’t think we should intentionally be offensive. Like you said, that’s the Trump game. However, we should all feel as if we’re allowed to be offensive. That way we won’t restrict our speech and will be free to think.

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