Why We Launched Always Deep

My good friend Charles Duncan and I have always enjoyed deep intellectual conversations that run long into the night. We get passionate about a lot of topics ranging from politics to science. After many great talks, we decided we needed to share these conversations with the world.

What good is thinking alone? If you have a thought, you should share it, so it doesn’t die with you.

This blog was created to spark curiosity, to stimulate profound reflection, and to gather different perspectives from those who are in search of progress. Simply put, if you’ve ever wondered if our economy is rigged or if a person could live forever — you’re in the right place.

We don’t expect you to always agree with us, but we encourage you to think. Ask why! Not just of other people, but of yourself. Why do you believe what you do? It’s easy to ask someone else, it’s hard to chase down the true reasons you believe what you do.

This blog is a journey. A journey that we are all taking together as we search for truth and expand our minds.

Thanks for joining us!

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