Strong and Interesting Opinions

Opinions—many of us have some and sometimes we disagree.

I am full of opinions, strong opinions. Sometimes I get so passionate about a particular opinion that my friends tell me I should start a talk show or write a book.

But, when I sit in front of my computer. I am speechless. I do not know what to say or write. My words escape me.

This is an exercise in digging deep. Seeking out what I truly believe. I hope that in reading my beliefs they will inspire your own.

I am not saying that you should believe what I believe. You may discover that you believe just the opposite. You may have never held an opinion on a particular topic before reading mine. And after reading mine—you may disagree.

That’s okay. That’s the point of free thought. You are free to think what you want.

What’s important is that we learn to disagree civilly. That we don’t let the conversation deteriorate into name-calling and baseless accusations. Of course, that is my opinion. You are free to go there if you like. I must remember that.

And if we happen to agree. Let us not confine ourselves to our own bubble. We need our beliefs to be challenged. They must be tested at some point. Do we want to live our whole lives believing a lie?

I don’t. But I do enjoy the freedom of speech. Many, I’m sure, do as well.

Sometimes we desire a space to speak our mind freely before being shot down. Hence why some live in a bubble. Hence why when we leave the said bubble, disagreements can spiral out of control.

Neither side is fully prepared to consider such a contrary opinion to their own. Since we love our own opinions, we may be tempted to hate other opinions incompatible with our own.

Freedom of speech provides the opportunity to hate. Hate religion, hate the lack thereof or even people who are different from us.

Freedom of speech also provides the opportunity to express love. Love for people, love for a religion or love for the lack thereof.

My hope is that when confronted with messages of love; they should embarrass the soul to the point of recognizing hate as a fault.

Hate is a detestable emotion in itself. It is toxic and negative. It has no place in a happy person. Yet many people harbor hate inside for various reasons. If unchecked, hate will eventually boil over and froth in our words. Hate must be disposed of before it spills over, contaminating our relationships and spreading to the entire world. Hate is a virus; negativity is contagious.

Many times when a person is filled with an irrational passion—he or she is the one who is wrong. They foam at the mouth with vitriol, triggered by a challenge to a prized pet notion. It gets nasty; someone gets unfriended. It’s another casualty of a Facebook political feud.

The cure? Being reasonable.

Who wants to walk around with stupid written on their forehead? Wouldn’t you rather be right? Truly right. Not just think you are, but truly be right.

I do not believe that anyone intends to be wrong. They just happen to be. Denial is the armor that protects those who are wrong from seeing their own faults.

So before I begin spouting off some of my opinions, I should make a note that I am trying to remove the log from my own eye before seeking the speck in yours. I am full of faults. The more I learn, the more I learn that I have much to learn.

I could be wrong. We must both entertain the possibility that we may be wrong. We have good intentions; we are not ignorant. But we are ignorant of some things. If we were not ignorant of anything; we would be omniscient. We would be like a deity.

That being said, I have lots of opinions. Strong and interesting opinions. Opinions that if fully uncensored might incite grown adults to throw a tantrum.

But should that be my goal? To anger others? Or to persuade them?

Here’s an opinion I have. I believe we should work toward world peace. That in itself may not be that offensive. But, my desire for no more war infers something.

World peace means that I would like to see all militaries disbanded and all weapons destroyed.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking to want us all to live in peace together? Am I asking too much? Could we abstain from synthetic conflicts? Conflicts created by ourselves, amongst ourselves as a human race.

We may always be in conflict with nature. There will always be a need for the strong among us to protect those who are not. But, must we create our own destruction? Guns, bombs, nukes… are these necessary?

In my opinion, war is the result of mass indoctrination in an unreasonable ideology. I believe that these conflicts could and should have been worked out in a peaceful manner. The conflict is a failure. A failure by all sides to reach the other. To move the other’s heart and de-escalate the situation.

There are always at least two sides to an argument; a third if you are a spectator of the other two. We are not without fault; again that would make us a deity if we were.

Maybe it’s too much to ask for? We can’t just simultaneously lay our weapons down and embrace each other as brothers and sisters, can we? To recognize and respect our differences and try to work together for the common good, too much?

I don’t believe so.

A revolution every now and then is not a good thing. It’s a sign that we let things to get to an awful point. Taking issue with problems when they were small; would have prevented large-scale battles. Peace happens eventually. Why not sooner? Why not before?

That’s my opinion. Compare it with your own. Agree with me, disagree with me. It makes no difference. At least my opinion was considered.

What are some of yours?

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