Live Freely

The best things in life are free. Consider all the free things that you enjoy for a moment; air, water, sight, life, language, etc. How nice it is to breath fresh air, to feel it blow across your face. To see the leaves melodically sway in the breeze. To taste a clear glass of water. To be alive with a language you can communicate with.

Price is an invention. It’s a way to regulate how much one man does for another. It’s not natural. While it’s sometimes good to keep score – remember that money isn’t a natural thing. It can be easily replaced tomorrow.

For whatever reason, you are here. Alive, with a limited amount of time, to see, taste and explore. Others take these freedoms away from you. It’s people who enslave people. But, with this time you have, you must break the shackles put upon you by others and choose how you spend your remaining time. No matter how you spend it, there is a great possibility that it will come to an end. And because we do not know what is beyond the darkening of our eyelids, we can assume that all you have now will be lost. All you have is today, now and a choice.

Choose wisely, live freely.

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