Thoughts on Trump

I think my thoughts concerning Donald’s remarks can be summed up this way: when Republicans run for office, they don’t send their best. For this reason, I am glad Univision, NBC and Macy’s decided to dump Donald. I hope more follow suit.

Donald’s words are not inclusive, but divisive. A presidential candidate’s speech should inspire unity and muster Americans to work toward a higher cause. Looking ahead to the 2016 election, Republicans should take note that the youngest demographic isn’t into the divisive rhetoric of the past. Tear down symbols that exclude, such as the Confederate flag; remove ethic descriptors from your speeches that create an us versus them mentality. Runaway from walls both real and imagined. Don’t leave it to Reagan to declare “tear down this wall,” modern Republicans need to tear down the walls they are erecting both verbally and literally.

Our leaders need to avoid stirring up a division – we can find enough ways to divide ourselves. Unity is an area our nation desperately needs help in. Lead the charge for political peace.

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