Thoughts on Pay Equality

Now that the fight over same-sex equality has been won, it is time to focus on various other forms of inequality in society. Particularly pay inequality at work.

It is our tradition to fight for liberty, justice, and equality for all, yet 229 years since the founding of this nation – the extravagantly affluent and the pitifully poor are still coexisting.

In the minds of the upper class, each person should be paid based on his or her skill level and/or ability to be replaced. This philosophy has led to the few, physically unproductive individuals, profiting from the hard labor of the deprived many.

In an enlightened age, how can we allow some to enjoy the best five courses meals while leaving others to live off Ramen? This simply cannot be justified by no stretch of the imagination. We all have the same stomach, the same need for it to be filled, with wholesome foods; for there to be a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet.

If we are in fact created equal, how can well-being be distributed so unequally? How can those who work the hardest, get appreciated the least? How can men in suits, not breaking a sweat, claim to work harder than those cutting meat in a butcher factory? And how can you sleep at night knowing that this inequality exists?

Perhaps, because this is the way it has always been and no one spoke up clearly enough to convict the consciences of our leaders. Or perhaps, our leaders have convinced themselves with a sophisticated argument to justify telling the masses, “let them eat cake.”

All people, deserve happiness. We deserve equality in every regard, including compensation for a days work. The myth that the poor are lazy needs to be exposed to the evil that it is – wage-ism.

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