Thoughts on Progress

Some people say that the world will never change. They may have had an idealistic dream once; a burning desire to change the world and make it a better place. But, over the years, their dream has faded. Their hope has eroded away. Pessimism began to infect their soul; they eventually became doubtful and surrendered to the status quo.

I know it’s hard. You can’t be a hero forever. The bullets of failure will eventually wear your armor of hope down.

I am young; I am naive. I am an idealist. I believe that the world can, and will, change for the better. That prejudice can be wiped out, that knowledge can be free, that greed can be controlled… I believe in progress; if I didn’t – it wouldn’t be worth the trouble of trying.

Hope is the reason we get up in the morning because deep down we believe that we can initiate the ripples of change.

Stay hopeful.

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Aaron Garcia

If it's digital, I'm into it. This would include video production, graphic design, web administration, digital photography, and anything related to computers in general.

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